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The institute for cultural psychology and qualitative social research (ikus) was founded in 2007 and combines theoretical basic research and empirical field research by connecting cultural-psychological approaches with methods developed in qualitative social research. Our interdisciplinary team engages in intercultural projects and activities with a critical perspective, as you can also see in our list of publications.

Our concept of culture is open and dynamic and is opposed to reductionist and one-sided models of culture and society. ikus focuses on heterogeneous phenomena within cultures and their respective practices and materializations. Based on our theoretical and empirical analyses, we offer concepts for coaching and consulting in areas dealing with cultural and social projects and activities and how they can be analyzed systematically.

ikus opens up new fields for interdisciplinary scientific research and job opportunities in intercultural areas. Furthermore, ikus offers trainings in qualitative methods and opens up a forum for interdisciplinary discussion.

If you are interested in working with us and want to support our interdisciplinary institute, you can become a member of ikus (the membership fee is annually 50€/25€ for students). For further information, please contact us at office(at)ikus.cc.

We also offer internships for students who are interested in supporting our team in current projects of ikus on a scientific and organizational level. For further information, please contact katharina.hametner(at)ikus.cc.

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